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【KC-010】 『ground breaking』 Lucio6 (CD-R)

this so coooool electro sound】
- Japanease Electro Unit Lucio6 1st Single -

Lucio 6
『ground breaking』
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[Title] ground breaking
[Artist] Lucio6
[Number] KC-010
[Price] ¥500 (tax-in) 
[Release] 2009/10/16 (fri.) 
[Distribution] diskunion
[Spec] CPP Pouch + Booklet (4P)
[Include] 全5
[Format] CD-R


【Song】 5曲 収録
② space ver 2.00
③ recatastrophe
④ A.E.
⑤ shine a lite 

All Songs Written by kenichilow & okt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lucio 6 is an electronic unit formed by kenichilow, and okt in Tokyo.
Our basic activity is to upload our electronic music on my space.
We hope you like our songs.
 [ text : Lucio 6 ]


Produced by lucio 6
■ Directed by keishi oka (kebab records)

■ Recorded & Mixed & Mastered by lucio6
■ Recorded & Mixed & Mastered at room6
Designed by okt
■ Graphic Art Designed by ryusei noguchi
■ Manufactured by KEBAB RECORDS
■ Distributed by diskunion

kenichilow - programming
okt - programming

↓ ☆ 先着購入特典情報 ☆ ↓
[ 各店舗&KEBAB直通販特典 ]( 無くなり次第、終了となります )
① Lucio 6 Original Sticker

先着限定特典は、Lucio 6 オリジナルステッカー!!!

■ Sticker Designed by kenichilow